Personal Lines

Insurance for Your Life

Staying protected and insured in any circumstance is something we don’t always think about, but something we really should. Brown & Brown Empire State offers an extensive line of coverages that meet the shape and size of any request. Whether it’s insuring yourself, your family or even your boat, we have you covered.

Brown & Brown Empire State will take the time to look at all aspects of your personal insurance needs. With individualized attention you won’t get anywhere else, we are dedicated to providing our clients with comprehensive plans tailored to you. No matter what your insurance requests are, let Brown & Brown Empire State’s years of knowledge and experience give you the peace of mind you deserve when it comes to choosing a personal insurance provider.

Our Coverages


Few things in life feel more free than driving down the open road with the top down on your convertible. But, there are few things in life that feel worse than having something happen to your car. Staying insured and protected is not only required by law, but it’s also important for safeguarding yourself and your family. We hope nothing ever happens, but in case it does, it’s crucial to have top quality auto insurance.

Brown & Brown Empire State offers a multitude of carriers from high-end to affordable resale vendors. We make sure that all of your auto insurance needs are covered. At Brown & Brown Empire State, not only is insuring you and your car a priority, but protecting your assets are as well. Call us today and learn more about our wide array of insurance options.

  • We also cover Classic and Antique Cars!


Our homes wouldn’t feel like home unless it was a place where we felt protected and safe. At Brown & Brown Empire State we educate our clients and ask the appropriate questions to make sure that you get the ideal homeowner’s insurance protection. With custom packages and several different carriers to choose from, we ensure that every client receives the optimal home insurance to fit their needs.

Walking in on a flooded basement or looking up at a molded ceiling is a nightmare for a homeowner. From replacement costs, to break-ins and identify theft – Brown & Brown Empire State has you covered. Call us today to find the right protection and the peace of mind that you can only get from our trusted insurance plans.

  • We also offer Renter’s Insurance, Condominium coverage and much more!


An injury can happen in your car, at your home, or anywhere else you live your daily life; and the result may exhaust the liability limits on your current insurance policies. Because of this, sometimes an extra layer of protection is necessary. With umbrella insurance, you can further protect your assets.

These plans are not only affordable, but a comforting addition for most individuals. Call Brown & Brown Empire State today to learn more about umbrella insurance and how it can benefit you.

Schedule (or Valuable Articles):

Although most homeowner’s insurance plans are comprehensive, some things may be left out, including many of your valuables. To ensure your jewelry, furs, guns, coins, wine and other various collections are protected, consider adding schedule insurance to your existing coverage through Brown & Brown Empire State.

Call today to find out how you can start insuring your most valuable possessions.


Don’t manage your apartment complex, house on the lake, or other rental property without the proper dwelling/fire/landlord insurance. Landlords, property managers, and others who may rent out their space, need protection against liabilities that happen on their property. Call Brown & Brown Empire State today to learn more about our various coverages and to insure yourself against anything from injury to theft, and much more.


Protect that investment you love so much on warm summer days. Brown & Brown Empire State offers extensive boat insurance that covers everything from your motorboat, to your sailboat, or even your yacht. We offer more carriers and more coverage options to ensure that your boat doesn’t get “docked” due to insurance concerns.

Provide protection for your other “baby,” and call Brown & Brown Empire State today to learn more about our full spectrum of boat insurance.

Toys/Recreation Vehicles:

We all work hard. But many times… we play harder. It’s important to look after your toys and recreational vehicles to keep them, and you, protected. Brown & Brown Empire State is one of only a few companies that will insure all of your toys. Call us today to find out what kind of coverage you may need the next time you want to take out your four-wheeler, snowmobile or other recreational vehicle.

Other examples of toys and recreational vehicles we cover include:

  • Golf Carts
  • Motor Homes
  • Go Karts
  • Campers/Trailers