Employee Benefit Services

Benefits Consulting

Brown & Brown Empire State provides regular and complete market research for our clients on available health insurance plans, benefits, and riders for their New York State and nationwide locations.  This keeps our clients current on issues affecting their insurance coverage.  Because we insure hundreds of area employers and represent all local and most national carriers, we are able to keep you current on what is available in the marketplace.  Our stringent marketing procedures ensure you will have to most competitive programs to offer your employees. 

Dedicated Account Management

Our Account Managers are seasoned professionals in all areas of employee benefits. They are available to all of our clients to assist with any service needs, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Benefit interpretation and clarificationRespond to elgibility issues
  • Implementation of new benefit plans. 
  • Communicate benefit changes to employees and facilitate enrollment.
  • Analysis and resolution of claim disputes for employees
  • Provide ERISA, COBRA, FMLA and HIPAA consultation and compliance assistance
  • Assist with management of carrier relationships

Dedicated Marketing Management

Our Marketing Managers conduct thorough analysis of benefit offerings for our current clients.  They work collaboratively with the Employee Benefit Consultants to ensure the group has the best product offering at the most competitive rate.  Marketing Managers are assigned to clients to ensure consistency and allow them to strategize on benefit pairings.

Strategic Approach

Brown & Brown Empire State takes a strategic approach to lowering costs versus a transactional approach.  We utilize a comprehensive process that includes:

  • Education and introduction to Collaborative members
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Presentation of key findings
  • Development of Collaborative structure and terms
  • Management of Request for Proposal process to carriers and/or third party administrators
  • Final proposal and recommendations
  • Implementation plan and timeline
  • Ongoing reporting, evaluation and follow up

Health Care Reform Guidance

Due to Health Care Reform and the many legislative changes we have seen and will continue to see in the future, our role as a trusted broker and advisor has been increasingly important to our clients.  We continually communicate to our clients what the impact of the legislation means to them and how it could potentially affect them in the future.  Brown & Brown Empire State has retained one of the country’s top law firm to assist in the navigation and interpretation of Health Care Reform so that we can provide expert and timely information to our clients.  Any of our Employee Benefits Consultants are capable to provide responses to Legislative and Health Care Reform related inquiries. 

Human Resources Services

Our portfolio includes several partnerships with Human Resource Consultants, including an internal resource.  As a client of Brown & Brown Empire State, you will have access to HR Assessments, a Human Resources hotline that provides online information on HR Best Practices and compliance updates, and HR related seminars.