Risk Management

Protecting Your Assets As If They're Our Own.

Brown & Brown Empire State's Risk Management team is here to help every company identify, analyze and minimize any exposure faced to risk. Through risk prevention, risk transfer by contact or risk transfer to an insurance company, we can assist your firm in mitigating uncertain business decisions. On staff, Eileen M. Clinton has numerous years of experience with risk management and holds several designations, all of which has led to superior service for our clients. Contact her today to learn more about getting started with a Brown & Brown Empire State Risk Management program.

We specialize in:

Environmental Risk:

At Brown & Brown Empire State we understand the risks involved in dealing and maneuvering the volatile field of environmental pollution exposures whether it be a specific site, a business operation or a contractor exposure. We pride ourselves on writing endorsements that will actually trigger your policy should an event ever occur. We do this by netting the various policy forms, understanding your risks, and then negotiating with the carrier for manuscript endorsements. 

Our environmental programs include:
  • Prepared Risk Control (such as Spill Prevention and Counter Measure programs)
  • Mold Intrusion Prevention
  • Risk Transfers to Commercial Insurance (includes):
    • Site Specific Pollution Legal Liability Policies: These policies protect you as a business from the legal liability of third parties which include other businesses properties or government entities coming after you for a "pollution condition."
    • Contractor Pollution Liability: This is an operation program versus a "site" program that protects the contractor for legal liability for a release and/or clean up that could result from their operations. 
Our Risk Management services include:
  • Workers' Compensation Experience Modifier Audit
  • Review of Workers' Compensation Class Codes
  • Support in Implementation of Safety Policies
  • Reserve Adequacy Review
  • Return to Work Programs
  • Safety Training
  • Facility Site Audit
  • Setting Safety Benchmarks and Goal Setting 
  • Industrial Code Rule 60 WC credit program audits
Our Risk Management Claims services are:
  • Coverage Analysis
  • Claims Management – All Lines
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Workers' Compensation Evaluation
  • Post Injury Management:
  • Self-Insured / Retro Claim Monitoring
  • Environ Claim
  • Separate Training or Seminars
  • Negotiating LOC's